Capstone Projects

Capstone: A CIS-260 Software Engineering Project

This course is intended to develop the student’s programming knowledge and skills in an applied application development environment. Students will work as individuals and in teams to implement a real-world equivalent system, perhaps converting legacy code to current technology standards or designing a new product from scratch. Students will develop designs, generate test procedures, and build a multi-tiered, client-server application capable of being utilized from a variety of platforms. Students will also learn project management and scheduling skills and that will be used to manage project phases and keep teams on task. Students must earn a grade of C or better in this course to meet graduation requirements.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze customer requirements and recommend, design and implement effective solutions using available technologies.
  2. Evaluate and critique an existing product or specifications.
  3. Study and perform project management and project team responsibilities, including planning, scheduling and carrying out project phase tasks.
  4. Build an application system that includes a user interface, database interface, and multiple programs and work to ensure the final product has the quality expected by the industry.
  5. Test the design and the programs that have been developed in the class.
  6. Evaluate problems and issues involved in team efforts, project management and developing applications.
  7. Learn the use of proper software development methodologies.

The primary goal for the semester will be for the class, as a team, to develop a real-world project of significant scope and see the product through to delivery to users. Students are responsible for finding their own project to be completed and the instructor will serve as head of the steering committee for the project. One or more other outside individuals may be designated as members of the committee or as subject matter experts or end-user(s) of the system to use as resources.

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