CIS Department Degree Comparison

The Computer Information Science department is made up of several degree programs that have different outcomes for education and employment. It is important that you work with a departmental advisor to determine the best path for you.

For a video overview of these degrees as well as a comparison with programs in the Networking Technology department, please review this video.

Computer Information Science

Associate of Applied Science

Gain a broad knowledge and skills base within OTC’s Computer Information Science program. Learn how to develop computer applications within the business environment of local industries using current programming languages, database programming, and other development tools. The program follows a framework outlined by the National Business Education Association, as well as various industry certification standards, including those developed by Microsoft Corporation. Classes include Technology & Digital Literacy, Web Site Development II, Software Engineering Project, and more.

This program is designed for students who want the fastest path to software development/web development skills and will be looking at finding a job in the field after finishing the Associate’s program.

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Computer Science

Associate of Science – Transfer degree

Computer Science is the study of computation, including its principles and foundations, its efficient implementation, its analysis, and its practical use in a wide range of different application areas. Computer Science is far more than just programming, and no other science or engineering discipline has had a greater impact in such diverse areas as commerce, communication, entertainment, finance, medicine, the social sciences, the physical sciences, and the life sciences. Computer Science impacts our daily lives in so many ways and computer scientists are the ones who make this happen. Computer scientists transform the way we look at and live in the world. Success requires a strong aptitude in mathematics.

This program is designed as a transfer degree into a four-year Computer Science program and works to provide all of the math, science, and programming requirements for students to enter as juniors at their target schools.

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Information Technology

Associate of Science – Transfer degree

Information Technology is the study of business-focused computing and applications. Information drives our economy, which means every industry from advertising to zoology needs qualified IT professionals. In addition to providing a solid foundation in programming and networking, this program includes business applications, economics, accounting, and the courses students need to understand the applications and user-centric problems that their software needs to solve.

This program is designed as a transfer degree into a four-year Information Technology program and works to provide all of the business, infrastructure, and software development requirements for students to enter as juniors at their target schools.

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Certificates of Specialization

The department contains three certificates of specialization which are designed to help students who are retraining into a new career.  These are primarily targeted at students who already have a Bachelor’s degree in another content area and are needing only the core courses to make them employable in a new field. 


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Not all classes are offered every semester.  We highly recommend that students work with a department advisor or faculty member to review your course plan to ensure they are scheduling classes in the correct semesters and in the correct sequence for prerequisites. Failure to do so may mean a delay in graduation.